Chicken or Egg ?

As a teacher of Guitar, the most hoary old myth, truly an Old Rocker’s Tale is this :- “You have to learn on Acoustic Guitar before you pick up an Electric”. Thus I receive many new pupils with a cheap Acoustic Guitar with heavy strings.

Brian Adams played Guitar till his fingers bled, according to “Summer of ’69″, you don’t need to, get a cheap Electric, the strings are much easier to play, and any simple riff “Smoke on the Water” perhaps, sounds three times as good on Electric. If you want to play “Kumbayah” at Brownie camp, go for Acoustic otherwise don’t.

If you haven’t got a Guitar, come book a lesson first, so I can sort you out with the instrument that you will most enjoy playing.

PS talking of hoary Old Rockers, Keith Richards in his Autobiography, says start on Acoustic, what does he know about teaching ?

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