Truly the Instrument of Modern Popular Music is the guitar. I first got my interest in my early teens, when a friend had one, and I couldn’t keep my fingers off. My family hadn’t got much knowledge of music, so weren’t keen on me getting a Guitar.

What really swayed me was the Old Git of a Music teacher at school, who spent a whole period foaming at the mouth saying that the Guitar was the “Instrument of the Devil”.What more encouragement does a hormonal youth need ?

Well, I figured that if it got this Old Git so worked up, it was definitely for me!

I had to get to university before I got my Guitar, but give my parents their due, once they realised I had talent, they were very supportive.

So I spent the Seventies catching up as a late developer, but now I have lots of knowledge and experience to pass on.

I will explain Grade Exams here, but believe me, if it has six strings and goes Twang, I have some knowledge of the subject.