Hey, I haven’t mentioned that I perform too! Our Ceilidh band, the Old School Ceilidh Band has played over a thousand gigs, I have played Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Tenor Guitar, Bouzouki, Tenor Banjo, even Dobro at various times, and we have done two cd’s. Check out our website for weddings, birthdays etc.

Believe me, I’m pretty busy with all this Music, but I also specialise in Solo Acoustic Guitar for Wedding Breakfasts, and Civil Ceremonies, even Funerals. Contact me for details.

Beethoven called the Guitar a “Miniature Orchestra”, and as a Soloist, I like to take a Tune and put  chords and Bassline to it. I have many books of arrangements in my collection, which I can teach you, but I love to put my own stamp on a popular tune, even “Sweet Child O’ Mine ” for example.

This is an exciting time for the solo Guitar with many new talents coming through.The efforts of Tommy Emanuel and others have lately inspired me to try harder.

For a wedding I might play Love Songs, Light Classical, tunes like “Misty”,”Over the Rainbow”, throw in some Blues or Jazz, or Celtic tunes for Irish or Scottish folk, anything you like, call me !.

I will learn requests, for example I have just worked out an arrangement of “Gravity” as a special request.

You won’t see me at an “Open Mic Night” or in a local pub band, but you will see many of my ex-pupils!